Da Matteo restaurant

The new Da Matteo restaurant is located right in the centre of Geneva, in the Rue du Stand, in a very dense urban context. Nestled between two buildings, the restaurant is an urban hall with glass façades and roofs. The structural principle is based on a fine metal framework. In this system made of transparencies, the kitchen has been treated as a technical box, open to the hall by a thin glass panel. When the chef cooks, he can see the entire room and the guests at eye level. The entrance is 1 m higher than the hall, which produces a stage effect when arriving from the street. Part of the on-site furniture was developed by b29 with CNC pre-cut bakelized formwork panels that are assembled on site. The large L-shaped bench seat, as well as the wine cellar and storage boxes were designed in this way with these formwork panels. A series of Bellx1 stools have been specially produced for Da Matteo in matt black.

Designing this restaurant was a real challenge for the team. The constraints were numerous: a very short renovation time, a very precise timing between the different participants, an economy of means, sophisticated technical installations on the lighting part, and a limited accessibility for the craftsmen are examples that show this complexity. Our teams are trained in project management in complex environments. The role of the architect becomes at the same time that of a designer but also that of a planner and coordinator of the complexity. The 100 lights suspended above the guests were adjusted one by one to create a new skyline in the hall. The falling wires give a vertical rhythm that dialogues with the wooden slats that dress the kitchens and the large wine cellar.

The entire project was designed to accommodate the maximum number of users around the celebration of good Italian food. Right from the opening, the brewery was a great success with the Geneva public. Bureau b29 was delighted to be part of this new adventure alongside the Frutiger family.

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Famille Frutiger


320 m²




Alan Hasoo

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