Year ID Project Type Surface Status
2021 GRIM Construction of a family villa in Valais Residential 175 m² Completed
2020 BRA Transformation of a former café into an artist’s residence and studio Renovation 120 m² Completed
2020 ARK Renovation of a 1950’s building into an office Commercial 250 m² Completed
2020 GEL Gelatomania arcades Commercial Completed
2020 New building in the old city of Nyon Commercial 455 m² Completed
2018 CONC Cultural center and student housing Art & cultural 18’200 m² Competition
2009 CER Dwellings and nursery in St. Cergue Residential 700 m² Competition
2009 VUI Villa in Saint-Jorioz FR Residential 120 m² Completed
2009 COM Theater of nouvelle comédie de Genève Art & cultural Competition
2009 CHAM Mixed building for commune of Chambésy GE Extention Competition
2009 ECH Mixed building for commune of Echandens VD Extention Competition
2009 GAZ Transformation of the nursery rue Lamartine, Genève GE Extention Competition
2009 CER Center for roads and recylcings in Nyon VD Urbanism Competition
2009 COL Dwellings in Collonge Bellerive GE Residential Competition
2009 NOTA Exhibition and scénography at galerie NB Art & cultural
2010 EC Exhibition”Les espaces du design” Art & cultural 1 m² Completed
2010 STL Extension of college clos Béguin Extention Competition
2010 FLI Design of flight-case furniture Furniture 1 m² Completed
2010 CORS Dwellings and activity buildings in Pré-Grange, Corsier GE Residential Competition
2010 ESF Scenography and exhibition in galerie Saint François, Lausanne VD Art & cultural 80 m² Completed
2011 ALD Container housing in Présilly FR Residential 15 m² Completed
2012 SAM Transformation of a duplex in Annecy FR Renovation 120 m²
2012 PAV Dwellings in PAV-Marbrerie GE Urbanism 7'200 m² Competition
2012 GEX Horse club in Ferney-Voltaire Commercial 1'000 m² Completed
2012 VUI EMS réseau Santé de la Glane, Vuisternens sur Romont FR Urbanism Competition
2012 CEL 68 dwellings and pluri-générationnal center Residential Competition
2012 STJ 3 mixed building in Saint-Jorioz FR Commercial 1'200 m² Completed
2013 THE Villa in Annecy FR Residential 70 m²
2013 ROD Transformation of a villa from 1980 in Corsier GE Renovation 140 m² Completed
2014 PLAY Furniture set for Globus stands GE/VD/BE Commercial 1 m² Completed
2013 LOZ 27 dwellings in Fiche Nord VD Residential 2'200 m² Completed
2013 ILOA Study mandate on a commercial area in Annecy FR Urbanism 5'800 m²
2013 STCR Medical center for the Jura vaudois VD Urbanism Competition
2013 COR Villa in Cuvat FR Residential Completed
2013 CHA Transformation of entry and exteriors of the castel in Chillon VD Urbanism 450 m² Competition
2014 TRE Transformation of a property in Trelex VD Renovation 300 m² Completed
2015 YVE College of Rives and extension of the firestation Urbanism 10'000 m² Competition
2015 TAB Private hotel transformation study GE Renovation 500 m² Completed
2015 SPREX Swimming pool Saint-Prex VD Urbanism 5'200 m² Competition
2015 PIN 14 buildings in Pinchat GE Residential 70'000 m² Competition
2015 OMS Office extension for OMS GE Extention Competition
2015 MAR Dwellings and medical center in Lausanne VD Urbanism 4'300 m² Competition
2015 GEN Recycling center in Genthod GE Urbanism 1'200 m² Competition
2016 CICR Design of the Christmas exhibition for the CICR, GE Furniture 1 m² Competition
2016 AST Concrete house in Thonon FR Residential 220 m² Completed
2016 CERN Study mandate for the requalification of hôtel du CERN, GE Renovation 1'700 m² Completed
2016 SAY Requalification of a house in Saint-Julien FR Renovation 130 m² Completed
2016 VER 5 houses in Veyrier GE Residential 590 m² Completed
2016 GRB Butterfly house in Thonex GE Renovation 140 m² Completed
2017 VAL Requalification of cafeteria Val Fleuri GE Commercial 1'000 m²
2017 RAD Transformation of a classified apartment in Budé GE Renovation 160 m²
2018 SNU Prefabricated tiny house Residential 19 m² Completed
2017 COG Roof extension in Eaux-Vives GE Extention 120 m²
2017 BER Transformation and extension of a villa in Aire GE Renovation 120 m²
2017 STARK Villa in Lancy GE Residential 140 m² Completed
2018 THIEZ Study mandate for the requalification of a village in Thiez FR Renovation 1’500 m² Completed
2018 POI House transformation in Céligny GE Renovation 350 m² Completed
2021 PHE Medical Center at route de Chêne GE Commercial 700 m² In progress
2019 MAR Villa in Maroua Cameroon Residential 200 m² Completed
2018 FAG Study mandate for a dwelling complexe in Cologny GE Residential 1'000 m² Completed
2018 AUR Transformation and extension of a villa in Chêne Bourg GE Renovation 130 m² Completed
2018 BON Nest in the Geneva oldtown Renovation 140 m²
2018 RONC Tree house in front of the Mont Blanc FR Residential 200 m² Completed
2018 GOR Study for the requalification of a group of rural houses in Provence FR Renovation 1'200 m²
2018 MON Hay loft in the French Alps FR Renovation 90 m² Completed
2021 CHAN 2 buildings of 12 apartments in Thonex GE Residential 921 m² In progress
2018 BUD Facade reform for a classified building in Budé GE Renovation 1'600 m²
2018 HG Office transformation for Hospice général GE Renovation 1'000 m²
2021 GY 4 Dwellings in Gy GE Renovation 400 m² In progress
2021 DULLY 6 Dwellings in the vineyard in Dully VD Residential 1’200 m² In progress
2021 DUF Housing in Collonge Bellerive Residential 600 m² In progress
2019 YVO Noodles triporter Commercial 3 m² Completed
2022 DNT 5 Dwellings in the heart of City of Geneva Residential 600 m² In progress
2021 PRE Roof extension in Plainpalais GE Extention 1’700 m² In progress
2019 AIR Transformation of a mobile home type airstream Renovation 10 m² In progress
2012 BIB Media Library Lausanne Art & cultural 7'000 m² Competition
2012 LEY Multisocial Center in Leysin Art & cultural 5’200 m² Competition
2012 AGO Agora Center Art & cultural 11'800 m² Competition
2013 MON Monolithe Table Furniture 7 m² Completed
2009 ARA Arachnide Table Furniture 1.2 m² Completed
2009 BELL Bell X1 Furniture 0.3 m² Completed
2014 CHE Chest of drawers Furniture 1 m² Completed
2013 LON London refurbishment Renovation 140 m² Completed
2012 JAY Ferney Duplex Renovation 120 m² Completed
2013 JUL Geneva old town Renovation 70 m² Completed
2014 UNI Uni5 Extention 1'200 m² Competition
2013 TORT Thonex Extension Residential 112 m² Completed
2013 PAV 120 Dwellings in Carouge (PAV) Residential 1'064 m² Competition
2008 HOU House 1964 Residential 160 m² Completed
2012 YAO House in Yaounde Residential 370 m²
2013 ZAY Dwellings in Saint-Julien Residential 720 m² Competition
2015 TAN Garage in Tannay Extention 350 m² Completed
2014 SVH Refurbishment of a villa in Tannay Renovation 300 m² Completed
2016 VER 5 Townhouses Residential 671 m² Completed
2015 DAMAT Da Matteo restaurant Commercial 320 m² Completed
2010 MHL Historical Museum Lausanne Art & cultural 1’400 m² Competition
2011 CAR Carouge theater Art & cultural 5’143 m² Competition
2010 ORI Oriental theater Art & cultural 1’064 m² Competition
2012 GVEC Genève ville et champs Urbanism 4’000 m² Competition
2014 PPA 2 mixed buildings with administrativ office space and dwellings in Cully VD Residential 5'200 m² Competition
2018 CEL 37 Dwellings in Celigny Residential 8’200 m² Completed
2015 ANA Geneva Jonction appartment Renovation 110 m² Completed
2015 CRDCD Medical center in Cameroon Urbanism 1’000 m² Competition
2018 MIES House reform in Mies VD Renovation 140 m²