Gelatomania arcades

The project consisted in transforming 4 existing arcades (Plainpalais, Paquis, Carouge and Eaux-Vives) and creating 2 new arcades (Vieille ville and Champel) for the firm Gelatomania in Geneva, in 2020.

The work of our team was done in close collaboration with Nask communication, which reviewed the entire graphic identity of the brand. Our main concept was to introduce a flagship material, custom-made terrazzo, as a symbol for this home-made ice cream brand.


The architects and interior designers of B29 married terrazzo with different textured wood panels to establish the layout of the different arcades. The colors of the terrazzo and the woodwork finishes vary according to each area to create a different combination each time.

A custom-made peg-board system allows the shelves to be adjusted as desired to display the ice cream jars and decorations. Each shop thus retains its own identity while guaranteeing the unity and consistency of the brand.

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