Garage in Tannay

Realization of this garage and an underground parking with lifting platforms.

In a quiet area near lake Geneva, this unusual garage was designed at the back of a large master property. The project owner, descendant of a former royal family, asked b29 to develop a storage system for these vehicles by equipping it with the latest technology. The first objective of this garage was to allow the storage of collector’s vehicles in a discreet and flexible way.

B29 studied on the meaning of “dependency” in the 19th century, in order to give this new building its new function. At the time, these outbuildings were used to house the horses and store the various accessories of the Master of the premises. The new building developed by b29 therefore accommodates sports cars thanks to the installation of 2 lifting platforms that swivel under the surface of the ground.

This project was the result of a long collaboration with the engineers in order to put in place a principle of folded reinforced concrete structure. The new building is based on a special underground infrastructure composed of 2 hidden mechanical platforms that could allow cars to disappear under the ground floor, leaving no trace of their presence. This system is an advantage for the property as it saves square meters of land and allows cars to circulate easily around the property.

The building is also designed to maximize land use with a 7.50 metre concrete roof overhang that protects cars. After hours of calculations, the structure has been optimized to the maximum of its capacities and is resistant to snowfall in winter. The inverted “V” structure was also prestressed to perform its function under various wind conditions.

To develop a highly responsive building, the project was enhanced with a special application installed on our client’s phone. This enables it to control temperature, exterior and interior lights, the elevation of platforms 1 and 2, the interior humid atmosphere and security. Every day he receives diagrams showing the energy consumption of his property, and he can control the need to use his solar panels to balance the heat input. The idea of having a fully controlled building was conceived from the outset of the project to provide total control to the owner.

The office was interested in building this project in a custom-made way. Our approach is often to reveal the history and culture of our clients. Getting to know them better helps us to develop a creative and exclusive innovation in our architecture. The project was made possible thanks to the close collaboration of the teams on site.


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350 m²




Alan Hasoo

Structural Engineering

SB ingénierie Carouge (GE)

Work phases according SIA

31, 32, 33, 41, 51, 52, 53

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