Construction of a family villa in Valais

Nestled on a slope overlooking the town of Sion, this prism-shaped villa was custom built. The direction of the ridge follows the contour lines, while the body of the building is aligned with the access road. The dialogue between concrete and wood is at the heart of this project.

Although on two levels, the bedrooms and living spaces are all located on the upper level to offer the best view. The first floor houses the entrance hall, an office, a garage and the technical rooms. The first floor is designed as a plateau on which the kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room are arranged in a row. The covered terrace protects from the sun and wind, while providing a view of the Alps. The swimming pool is integrated into the volume of the building.

The exposed structural concrete in the façade emphasizes the simplicity and the raw character of the place. The wood, brushed larch, is worked by targeted touches on the parts of the volume in cavity. The dialogue between wood and concrete continues in the interior, where certain walls were cast on site using an old-fashioned formwork made of vertical wood.

Particular care was taken with light. The skylights provide zenithal light, while the home automation lighting management system allows the creation of custom lighting ambiances according to the desires. The extra-flat solar panels are hidden in the anthracite roof.

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175 m²




Nicolas Sedlatchek

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